Ideas Ahead in Decanter Centrifuge Technology

By attacking key challenges with new thinking, Centrisys continues to advance decanter centrifuge technology to improve efficiency, safety, performance and return on investment for customers in a variety of industries around the world.

We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified, global provider of separation equipment, parts, repair and service with reach spanning the globe – USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United ArabEmirates, Kuwait, Romania, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Nigeria.

From Centrifuge Service Provider to Complete Separation Equipment Manufacturer

It all started a quarter century ago, when the

world’s largest centrifuge manufactures turned to our company to service their equipment. Our team didn’t just fix centrifuges. We studied them – what works, what doesn’t and why. And we set out to remake the technology for the better.

Decades later, this focus on centrifuge innovation continues to produce new breakthroughs. Centrisys’ 2-phase and 3-phase decanter centrifuges are designed to deliver the highest torque with the lowest horsepower – lowering operating and maintenance costs while delivering increased solids handling and higher flow rates. You gain the greatest value when you tap into our custom engineering expertise for a complete dewatering system that’s tailored to your specific needs and backed by the total accountability and support of our team.

Learn more about the Centrisys Advantage. And stay with us as the tradition continues – from more efficient dewatering, to polymer-free thickening, to the next valuable breakthrough.