Meet the Team That’s Driving Centrifuge Innovation

Centrisys is led by a group of experienced engineers from diverse disciplines who bring fresh perspectives, continuous learning and collaborative spirit to produce breakthroughs insolid-liquid separation technology.

Michael Kopper, CEO and Founder

With a technical background that spans nearly 40 years, Michael Kopper is an accomplished expert
in biosolids and dewatering process and technology. 

After many years of working in centrifuge operation and service, Michael founded Centrisys in 1987 as a decanter centrifuge repair company. In 1989, prompted by the urgent need of a customer who couldn’t wait for a decanter centrifuge to be manufactured overseas, he and his team built their first dewatering system from scratch. This foundation of innovation still drives the company today, as he continues to lead Centrisys ahead with problem-solving ideas that are advancing the industry.

George Kueppers, Vice President of Production

A 20-year industry veteran, George Kueppers has been with us from the start, helping to grow our tradition of durable, efficient equipment. 

Under George’s direction, Centrisys has built a robust supplier network and an organization that provides unparalleled service around the world. Even as our company has grown, his team has maintained the service integrity and responsiveness of a small startup, a quality he credits for the company’s ongoing success.