High-Capacity, Lower-Horsepower Decanter Centrifuges

Over 1,800 Centrisys decanter centrifuges are operating around the world today. Our 2-phase and 3-phase centrifuges are designed to deliver the highest torque at the lowest HP. Thanks to the increased solids handling and higher flow rates, customers enjoy lower operating and maintenance costs.

How do our American-made centrifuges deliver these superior results? Here are just some of the many reasons:

  • Simple and accurate process control – Direct measurement and monitoring of centrifuge control parameters and management of the hydraulic scroll drive to continuously, easily and effectively fine-tune torque as well as scroll and bowl speed
  • Higher throughput – A combination of beach design, higher hydraulic pressure and torque producing throughput that is generally higher than found on other systems. More
  • Efficient, high-torque driveHydraulic scroll drive for higher torque at lower energy consumption than the traditional gearbox
  • Superior design and construction – Centrifugally cast duplex stainless steel bowl components for higher strength and corrosion resistance

Centrisys sludge dewatering and thickening systems come in a range of sizes to accommodate flow rates of 5 to 500 GPM. Take a closer look at our decanter centrifuge products.