Complete, Custom-Engineered Dewatering Systems

Centrisys high-performance, custom-engineered dewatering systems incorporate everything we’ve learned servicing all makes of dewatering equipment for nearly a quarter of a century. 

Many municipal and industrial customers appreciate the simplicity of these turnkey systems, which come fully integrated with:

  • Feed pumps
  • Polymer makeup systems
  • Cake transport systems (screw conveyor or cake pump)
  • System control panels
  • All other components required for efficient sludge dewatering & thickening

Hassle-Free Configuration, Installation and Startup

The process begins with a thorough custom engineering process that examines all levels– your project, your process, the full dewatering system and the centrifuge itself – for the best results. Then Centrisys builds your system in our state-of the art plant in Wisconsin, applying years of field experience to customize it to your specific industry application

Everything is installed on a skid or trailer with all piping and electrical connections assembled and pretested.  The only connections required at your facility are feed, power and liquid discharge.

As a result, in as little as one to four hours from the time the system arrives on your site, we can have it up and running. Perhaps best of all, Centrisys takes full responsibility for your satisfaction, providing all the support you need to get the best performance and the longest life from your system.

Skid-Mounted or Trailer-Mounted Dewatering Systems

If you have multiple locations or short-term needs, a trailer-mounted system may provide ideal flexibility. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.