Efficient, High-Torque Scroll Drive Technology

In 1988, for the first time, Centrisys replaced the gearbox units of decanter centrifuges with Rotodiff® hydraulic scroll drives from Viscotherm AG.

Over 25 years and 2,000 successful implementations later, this fully automatic scroll drive system continues to save customers money by delivering higher torque at lower energy consumption levels than traditional gearboxes. It’s a crucial part of the Centrisys Advantage

How Our Decanter Centrifuge Scroll Drive Works

The system precisely controls the scroll to produce the highest possible cake solids. This ensures the lowest installed horsepower with peak overall performance.

The speed of the centrifuge bowl is adjusted with a variable frequency drive and the motor drives the bowl via V-belts to eliminate torsional vibration common with other centrifuge drive technology.

For further insights, watch this scroll drive comparison animation, which shows the complexity of a typical centrifuge gearbox back drive vs. the simpler more efficient Rotodiff direct scroll drive.

Centrisys-Viscotherm Hydraulics with Rotodiff Technology vs. Competitor’s Gear Box

Get a closer look at how our hydraulic scroll drive outperforms other drive options in many ways.

Energy Efficiency
  • State-of-the-art technology KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) allows the hydraulic scroll drive to recover energy at shut down
  • Low energy consumption; power is not lost or wasted – the scroll drive operates independently from the main drive motor


Powerful and Efficient Operation
  • Highest torque-to-weight ratio; allows for proper balance to handle solids and hydraulic flow capacity
  • 100% torque at all speeds, including standstill
  • Capacity to run leading or lagging scroll differential (optimized performance)


Precise Measurement and Control
  • One set of V-belts