Sülzle Klein Dryer

Low-Temperature Dryer

Centrisys is an exclusive NA distributor for Sülzle Klein dryers. The first U.S. installation of a Compact-Dry was in 2015 at Kenosha, WI. This is a dual belt, low temperature, sludge dryer. The dewatered biosolids are fed at +30% DS and dried to over 90% DS. Since dryer optimization, the biosolids disposal weight is reduced to one-third and are certified as Class A with exceptional quality.


  • Reuse of waste heat reduces plant operating costs and carbon emissions
  • Increase safety with low temperature and minimal dust within the dryer
  • Dried sludge in a granular form with a dryness level of 70-90+%, depending on process requirements
  • Optimized air-flow system guarantees uniform drying
  • Fully automatic design requires minimal operator attention
  • Simple operation requirements
  • State-of-the-art monitoring controls ensure operational safety