Sludge Thickener THK Series

The Most Efficient Solution to Thicken Sludge

The Centrisys Sludge Thickener (THK Series) is specifically engineered to achieve high-performance thickening of biosolids. The non-conical design results in greater G-volume, allowing for the highest capacity of flow to the centrifuge. The THK improves upon existing technologies using fundamental principles of a 1) Centrifuge - 3,000 Gs, 2) Rotary Drum Thickener - fully enclosed and small footprint, 3) Dissolved Air Flotation (DAFT) - air injection. The patented Hydro-Pneumatic design has proven that NO polymer is required under normal conditions (150 SVI).

  • No-Conical = greater comparative capacity
  • Proprietary hydro-pneumatic control of cake solids
  • Independent control of liquids and solids weir
  • Greater G-volume
  • Proprietary internal polymer injection system (optional)
  • Highest grade materials of construction
  • Proprietary tungsten carbide wear plows for grit and trash

Typical Applications

  • Primary sludge
  • Secondary (waste activated) sludge
  • Oxidation ditch sludge
  • Digested sludge
  • MBR (membrane bioreactor) sludge
  • Dilute pulp and paper waste prior to dewatering
  • Concentration of food processing waste
  • Concentration of algae
  • Concentration of yeast


  • Proven no polymer required under normal conditions (150 SVI)
  • Smallest and most efficient footprint for given flow rates compared to gravity belt and rotary drum thickening technologies
  • Contained vapor system
  • Expected ROI of 2.5 years due to polymer savings alone
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • 50% less power consumption compared to standard dewatering centrifuges
  • Reduced installation costs by 35-50% ($/gpm)
  • Simple to operate with minimal operator attention