Thickening Centrifuge

Centrisys created the THK sludge thickening centrifuge from the ground up to overcome the key challenge of polymer costs.

The THK is expertly engineered to supersede older thickening technologies: gravity belt, decanter centrifuges and rotary drum. The THK  requires no polymer under normal conditions (150 SVI). You can eliminate polymer costs, even while maintaining throughput.

Higher Cake – No Polymer Required

In the WAS thickening process, save $140,000 p/dry ton of solids annually and earn full ROI in 2.5 years due to polymer savings alone.

During operation, sludge is continuously fed into the unit. The moving shaft has a helical flighted scroll, which pushes the solid waste towards one end, away from the liquid moving in the opposite direction.

Our patented Hydraulic Assist Technology discharges the thickened sludge (TWAS) more efficiently while reducing costs through:

  • Increased clarification length for higher G-volumes
  • Elimination of the conical bowl shape
  • Deeper pool depths
  • Proprietary Centrisys design techniques


Additional Thickening Advantages

  • Reducing footprint: highest GPM/ft2 of installed floor space, with one THK 18-3 thickening centrifuge capable of replacing two DAF systems (5,000 square feet)
  • Eliminating odors: Airtight for a better work environment without the need for aerosols or an air handling system