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Ideas ahead By attacking key challenges with new thinking, Centrisys keeps driving the wastewater industry forward. Stay with us as the tradition continues – from more efficient dewatering, to polymer-free thickening, to the next valuable breakthrough …

Ideas Ahead in Kenosha

The Revolution Is Here

CNP’s Kenosha Energy Optimized Resource Recovery Project

With the first installation in North America, a 1938 facility has been transformed into a plant for the future, using innovative equipment that revolutionizes wastewater maintenance:

  • Repurposing biosolids (fertilizer) and methane gas outputs (energy)
  • Drastically reducing its carbon footprint by minimizing solid waste volume
  • This energy-efficient process will enable equipment payback in 8 years or less

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Moving towards 100% energy independence!  Learn MoreDetail Here

Pondus Reactor Tank

Pondus Reactor Tank

Centrifuge Dewatering | Primary and WAS Thickening

Centrifuge Dewatering   |   Primary and WAS Thickening

Dryer | CHP

Dryer   |   CHP


Service is Our Backbone


Selling a new piece of high-performing equipment is the first step – but what happens when it needs repair?

Starting as a service company almost 30 years ago, we use our unmatched centrifuge experience to get the most out of all centrifuges every time we repair a machine. We provide rapid-response, long-lasting service for ANY brand of equipment ANYwhere. Minimize costly downtime with service you can count on when you need it most.

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better longer.

THK Hybrid Thickening System

Calculate Your ROI with THK

Contact Centrisys today, and we’ll run the numbers. Or bring your system data to WEFTEC. MORE

NO Polymer Required

In the WAS thickening process, save $140,000 p/dry ton of
solids annually – and earn full ROI in 2.5 years due to polymer
savings alone.

more NO Polymer Required Highest Cake Solids Smaller Footprint

Highest Cake Solids

Patented Hydraulic Assist technology enables the most efficient
control of TWAS concentration.

more NO Polymer Required Highest Cake Solids Smaller Footprint

Smaller Footprint

Replace gravity belts or rotary drums with an airtight
alternative that uses a fraction of the space.

more NO Polymer Required Highest Cake Solids Smaller Footprint
centrisys machine

Proven & Durable in Dewatering