Manure Separation

Regulations on the significant waste generated by dairy cows, coupled with the labor time required for cleanup and disposal, make decanter centrifuges a valuable technology for dairymen.

Centrisys centrifugal separators are used for solid-liquid separation of water from washing areas and flushing of the cow alleys. Compared to traditional slope screen filtration, which separates 20-25% of the solids, decanter centrifuges get about 65% out, or three times as much as a typical separation system.

Key Benefits Compared to Traditional Slope Screen Filtration

With over 20 years of combined field experience, Centrisys centrifugal separators have been tested and optimized to be as efficient as possible for dairy wastewater processing.

Energy-efficient Rotodiff™ hydraulic scroll drive technology in place of the traditional gearbox drive, coupled with direct control parameter monitoring, helps enhance the performance beyond machines of similar size – often reducing waste entering the lagoon to less than 1% solids.

Centrisys centrifugal separators also have a long record of proven durability, running 24 hours a day with no daily maintenance, resulting in fewer hassles and lower labor costs.