Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

Centrisys decanter centrifuges and dewatering systems deliver unsurpassed performance in applications across many manufacturing industries. Whether your goal is reducing costs by separating wastes for more cost-effective disposal or increasing revenues by recovering more valuable materials, Centrisys has the application experience to help you improve your bottom line.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

Centrisys centrifuges are customized for optimal performance in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in diverse solid-liquid separation applications including:

Food & Beverage Processing

By efficiently separating production waste from wastewater, Centrisys decanter centrifuges produce disposal costs savings that bring substantial return on investment for companies in a wide array of food and beverage operations.

  • Degritting – Removing a small fraction of insoluble material above a certain particle size while retaining the remainder of the slurry with the liquid discharge
  • Classifying – Splitting the particle size distribution of a feed slurry into a more course and more fine fraction
  • Thickening – Removing a small portion of the liquid in the feed slurry to conform to a product spec while retaining the fluid consistency of the liquid
  • Dewatering – Removing a large portion of the liquid to generate cake product with a solids consistency
  • Purification – Removing solids from a liquid product
  • Re-pulp/dewatering – For slurries that filter poorly, cake product can be washed using co-current or counter current stages of centrifuge dewatering in series
  • 3 Phase separation – Separating two liquids independently of a solids phase
      Juice – Separating juice from pulp, de-oiling and various purification processes for mangoes, cherries, tomatoes, pineapples, grapes, berries and apples, among others
    • Olive oil – Continuously and rapidly separating the heavier flesh and pits from the water and oil with a minimum amount of labor
    • Corn processing – Separating protein from starch and different types of starch from each other
    • Beer, wine and liquor – Delicate adjustment of speeds for precise hot trub and cool trub separation; juicing of the grapes, clarifying the wine and stabilizing the tartrate; and separating solids from spent mash in vodkas, whiskeys, rums, gins and other spirits
    • Grease – Separating yellow (cooking oil), brown (meat) and trap (drain and sewer buildup) types for reuse and lower disposal costs