Portable Centrifuges Developed for the Mining Industry

Centrisys partners with customers across the mining industry to help increase metal particle recovery and reduce waste. Our centrifuges allow for a drier product, saving customers money in the handling and associated disposal costs. Explore some of the industry applications of our centrifuges.

Coal Mining

Coal mining involves steam washing followed by the separation of coal from other waste. Fine particle separation is essential. A Centrisys centrifuge ensures a better separation of coal from waste, making it possible to recover those fine coal particles and still end the process with clean water.


Tunneling is performed to create subways, water mains or electric lines through a city. Similar to mining, separating the fine particles is an essential part of the process. Centrifugal separation is more efficient than a filter, resulting in a higher rate of fine particle recovery and clean water.


The wastewater treatment facility in a steel mill plays a crucial role. It’s essential to remove solid fractions from aqueous solutions to recover a dry, concentrated cake and clean the water. Customers in the industry value Centrisys centrifuges for maximum uptime backed by industry-leading support to help them save significant costs in the handling of solid wastes and treating water.