Decanter Centrifuges Are Ahead Of Manure Management Curve

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Management of manure is growing in importance for dairymen given a variety of issues that range from the inherent desire to protect the environment to the need to ensure profitability. It’s why more and more dairymen are taking a page from industries outside of the farm and looking to decanter centrifuges for more effective separation of manure solids. By using decanter centrifuges instead of conventional manure solids separation equipment, progressive-minded dairymen are coming out ahead in efficient separation, meeting regulations and profitability. Here are the issues driving the need for a better solution for the separation of manure solids and the value decanter centrifuges deliver.

Issues drive need for change - Efforts to effectively manage manure on dairy farms have been in place for more than 100 years, but there are a variety of reasons why the topic has risen to the forefront. One reason is that dairymen are asked to economically produce milk for the world – even at low milk prices – while minimizing the impact of their farms on the environment. Meanwhile, regulators are increasingly looking to dairymen and others in the agricultural sector to address water quality and phosphorus emissions rather than putting the burden on wastewater treatment plants. Read Full Article (PDF)