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WEF Innovation Award

September 26, 2013
When Centrisys President Michael Kopper and his team of engineers set out to design the THK Thickening System, they weren't looking to win any awards. They were just trying to solve a problem for wastewater treatment plants: the high cost of polymer used in thickening.

Nonetheless, the team's success in eliminating that problem is quickly gaining recognition. The THK, which requires no polymer even while operating at higher flow rates, has earned a 2013 Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation (WEF), an international, not-for-profit water quality organization.

2013 Plant of the Year winner:

September 6, 2013
The Grand Island facility was profiled in our August 2012 issue, in which we toured and learned about the tremendous investment the company had put into its wastewater-treatment systems. Since that story published, many of you have contacted The National Provisioner to tell us about your facilities and the investments and innovations you’ve made to better handle your wastewater. The 2013 Plant of the Year winner story and topic have been among the most popular over the last two years, and this story was a catalyst for the discussion amongst our readers.

Bravo Award

May 5, 2012
Michael Kopper believes in the power of oppertunity. A European company that he worked for had him move from his home country of Germany to the United States in his early 20s. He did not waver when the company failed. Instead, Kopper started his own company, eventually building a $40 million business.Event teaser goes here...

Local company, city work together for benefit of both

March 17, 2011 - BY JON OLSON
A local manufacturer and the Kenosha wastewater treatment facility have entered into a partnership that saves the city thousands of dollars and gives the company a showcase and teaching facility for clients and users of its products.

The company, Centrisys, makes large centrifuges, which are used to separate heavier fluids from lighter ones, or to dry out, or “dewater,” solid materials. “Kenosha was in a market for improving the operation, so we showed them how to improve the operation,” said Michael Kopper, president and founder of Centrisys.