FS Award Release

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Global research organization Frost & Sullivan has awarded Centrisys Corporation its 2013 North American Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in Industrial and Municipal Dewatering.

Frost & Sullivan’s 1,800 analysts study business best practices around the world, monitoring more than 300 industries and 250,000 companies. Their independent analysis in the dewatering industry confirmed that Centrisys is readily expanding and competing with other leading industry players by addressing relevant industry challenges, according to Frost & Sullivan.

“This independent award validates all of the hard work we’ve put into becoming a leading innovator of centrifuge technology,” said Centrisys CEO Michael Kopper. “As the founder of the company, I’m proud that our entrepreneurial spirit continues to shine through for our customers. We’re large enough to innovate and pioneer new ideas, but still the right size to offer responsive customer support.”

The award recognizes companies that demonstrate best-in-class leadership and innovation, based on the following criteria: growth strategy and implementation excellence, degree of innovation with products and technologies, leadership in customer value and speed of response to market needs.

Among the company’s achievements that the award highlighted:

  • Growth strategy excellence – Centrisys is the only U.S. manufacturer of decanter centrifugal systems, which has led to cost savings for municipalities and end users by eliminating transportation costs
  • Growth implementation excellence – Centrisys continues to expand its processes across a range of industries, demonstrating its growth and emergence to compete with global biosolids treatment companies
  • Degree of innovative products and technologies – The company continually develops new, value-added centrifuge systems that decrease long-term costs, reduce maintenance requirements and improve process performance

Learn more about Centrisys’ innovative ideas ahead at www.centrisys.us/ideasahead.