Centrifuges in Oil & Gas Equipment

As global demand for fuel continues to increase, the industry seeks to extract oil and gas as efficiently and effectively as possible. Centrifuges play an essential role in many types of oil and gas drilling equipment.

Centrisys works closely with customers in the industry to apply our expertise in centrifugal separation to help reduce waste and increase output. Explore some of the many industry applications of our decanter centrifuges.

Drilling Mud

Drilling mud fluids help clean and cool the drill bit, then carry the crushed or cut rock up to the surface. Whether the fluid is water, water-based mud, oil-based mud, synthetic-based fluid or a polymer, a Centrisys centrifuge can help separate contaminants and return the liquid to the mud pits for reuse.

Hydraulic Fracking

This process often called fracking, involves drilling into shale formations, injecting a fluid until the pressure causes the rock to crack or fracture. The released oils and/or gases, as well as the fluid flowback, are recovered at the surface. Centrifugal separation helps process and clean the liquid before it is reused or disposed – minimizing the effect of chemicals in the water for fracking.

Production of Ethanol, Biodiesel and Other Biofuels

Centrisys centrifuges are available in many sizes to handle the separation of liquids from solids required in the production of fuel from renewable resources such as corn, beets, algae and more. For ethanol produced from many different feedstocks, for example, centrifuges help separate solid residue from the liquid prior to distillation. Centrifugal separators are also integral to separating.