Comprehensive Centrifuge Maintenance to Minimize Downtime

Throughout the life of your centrifuge equipment,

expert Centrisys service technicians are stationed throughout the U.S. to support your service and repair needs.

Centrisys’ origin in equipment service means we understand the ins and outs of dewatering technologies – and not just the centrifuge, but the entire system. Today, that knowledge gets applied toward the most effective and complete service of your needs, encompassing dewatering systems that cover the entire life-cycle of the centrifuge and all integrated components.

Servicing All Brands of Equipment

  • Centrisys
  • Sharples
  • Alfa Laval
  • Westfalia
  • Humboldt
  • Bird
  • Andritz – Guinard
  • Flottweg
  • More

Rapid, Robust Repair Parts

Centrisys is organized to provide service that’s more responsive than any of our competitors. This capability includes stocked parts shipped within 24 hours out of each of our global facilities, and American manufacturing of nonstandard or hard-to-find parts for faster lead times. You can also turn to us for help with older systems for which parts may be unavailable. We can reengineer many different types of parts and often build them better optimized for your application.

Global Field Service Available 24/7

  • Preventative maintenance – Onsite maintenance of electrical and mechanical parts
  • Process evaluations and optimizations – Inspection of centrifuges and ancillary components to advance total operational processobjectives
  • Installation assistance – Available for all centrifuges and all dewatering mechanisms
  • Periodic inspections – Recommended for rotors and critical wear parts
  • Diagnostic – Vibration analysis and other services
  • Training – For mechanics, operators and engineers
  • Emergency repair – Available in all locations

Cost-Effective Centrifuge Maintenance Agreements

Centrisys offers a variety of flexible service and maintenance agreements that provide reduced labor rates and easier budgeting for the maintenance of your machines. Options include bi-annual or annual inspections, scroll replacement program, scheduled maintenance or complete rebuilds based on frequency of use and type of service.